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What is pawaTown?

A place we are making for people who want to excape to the middle of nowhere, and bring their work with them.

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IS pawaTown for YOU?

  • You can work remotely
  • You enjoy activities in nature (Ultras, plunge pools, hiking)
  • You need to get off the beaten track once in a while
  • You like hanging out with other fit, off-grid, digital workers
  • Your team likes gathering from time to time, to level up your culture
  • You don't compromise on great working conditions, i.e., internet, electricity, ergonomics
  • You are interested in an environmentally conscious lifestyle and technologies
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When is pawaTown ready?

We don't know. Our focus right now is on two main activities:

  • Working with the Ministry of Tourism and LTDC to sign a Formal Agreement on developing pawaTown as a Tourism Special Economic Zone
  • Working with people and businesses who want to join the team, plan, ideate, or otherwise help establish the first version of pawaTown.
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Why build pawaTown in Lesotho?

  • You can't really get more "off the beaten track"
  • Prevalent use of english
  • Has great weather for Europeans trying to escape winter
  • Great natural source of renewable energy
  • Altitude training for conditioning
  • The dramatic landscape contributes pawaTown key themes of exercise, wellness, and stress-free remote working
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Can I help build pawaTown?

We are looking for hands-on, get-it-done types, engineers, thinker tinkerers, salesfolk, scrappy marketeers, and community builders

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Can I invest in pawaTown?

We are looking for hospitality entrepreneurs and businesses who want to establish a presence in pawaTown. If you are interested, or you just want to invest in the pawaTown Holding Co, send an email to

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How do I get to pawaTown?

The closest major airport is JNB. There are 4 flights daily from JNB to Maseru. From Maseru to pawaTown its a 1hr 45m drive. We are also working on making it possible to land small planes in the town. No one said it would be easy to get off the beaten trail.

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How do I become a Pawatonian?

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(Maybe write a book or climb some mountains while you wait)